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Relief for Chronic Inflammatory Pain


Get Relief for Chronic Inflammatory Pain without Added Risks


Does it hurt too much to have a normal life? Those with chronic inflammation and pain from autoimmune disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may feel a lack of control during debilitating flare-ups. In addition to abdominal pain/cramping, up to 40% of IBD patients may have inflammation and pain elsewhere, such as in the joints. These severe and frequent symptoms can literally take over every aspect of living. But some short-term options for feeling better may have unwanted serious effects in the long run.

Nutritional support can help. Chronic inflammation sufferers often find that certain foods can aggravate symptoms. Plus, many don't eat well when they feel bad, making things worse. Eliminating potential triggers (lactose, gluten, certain vegetables, animal fat) and keeping a food diary can help. Recurring inflammation can also affect intestinal absorption of nutrients and lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Medical food support might help even more. A unique medical food designed to nutritionally support IBD management provides a specialized combination of nutrients—including turmeric, ginger, and special hops derivatives—that inhibit triggers for inflammation and pain without interfering with healthy functioning. It also provides a low-allergy-potential rice protein base and important nutrients to complement a targeted diet and promote nutrient sufficiency. Better still, it works with your body to reduce symptoms without risk to serous adverse events...to help you feel better longer.

Don’t let chronic inflammatory pain take over. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss options to get back to living.

Colorado Springs Chiropractor | Relief for Chronic Inflammatory Pain. Dr. Elise Musolf is a Colorado Springs Chiropractor.